Posted: April 04, 2024 - By the HolyPig

The So-called Black Jesus of Russia Lie

A woman I work with was so happy to tell me about a video she saw on TicToc about the Russian Black Jesus (No I didn't bring it up). In the video, you have Putin speaking Russian and the translator saying that Putin is saying that they just opened a vault in Russia and found proof that Jesus was Black. Of course, that is not what Putin is saying at all and the moron that made the video was just trying to get clicks.

What Putin was talking about is a famous Icon of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church called “The Icon of the Savior, Image Not-Made-By-Hands, (Acheiropoieta). That to the uneducated would appear to be a painting of a man with dark skin that some desperately want you to believe is a Black Jesus.

According to the video, this “secret” has been kept from the world for 1000’s of years by white people because they don’t want you to know that Jesus was actually a Blackman not Jewish.

Well here are the facts that would have taken you 3 minutes to find if you truly wanted to know the truth.

This Icon was painted sometime between the 4th and 5th centuries. It was never a secret because the Christian historian Eusebius speaks about it. It was never in a Russian Vault Hidden for centuries. In fact, it is displayed every year on August 16 where it is worshiped in the Orthodox Church.

It is not an original but a painting of an original and that Original that Eusebius speaks of was the Shroud of Turin. Notice that the face is on a cloth. The cloth is painted on wood just like the face. We know that the Shroud of Turin was in Odessa before the Crusades but it was folded in such as way that one could only see the face of the image. It was called the Mandylion (or Napkin).

There are close to 50 similarities between the face on the Shroud and the Acheiropoieta. The problem of this being a Blackman and not a Jew is the fact that the Image on the Shroud was BURNT ON. The threads of the Shroud were chard by the radiation of the Resurrection which made the Shroud a Negative image. Hen photography was invented and a photo was taken of the Shroud, this became obvious along with much detail that our eyes never process in a Photo Negative.

When you take a photo of the Shroud and look at the Negative (which is now a photo) you see that the Christ on the shroud is a Jewish man who was badly beaten. The artist of the Acheiropoieta tried to make sense of the face. Like the space between the face and the hair. Unless he knew this was a photo of a dead man, he would not have thought to add the chinstrap that was wrapped around the head and chin to keep the mouth shut after death. This is what made the space between the head and hair. Again, unless he knew that this was the face of a man beaten beyond recantation, he would not know that the nose was swollen to he only painted the bridge of the nose and not the now. Of course, he still made the nose long (i.e. a Jewish nose). Why didn’t the artist know that this was Jesus' death shroud? Because a myth arose in the church that this was a cloth that was sent to Abgar the ruler of Edessa who was sick with leprosy so Jesus wiped his face on a cloth and sent it to Abgar. When Abgar saw the image on the cloth, he was healed. So according to the myth, the face on the cloth would just be a sweaty Jesus not a negative image of a dead Jesus at the exact second of his resurrection. So 400 years after the Shroud of Turin was sent to Edessa (Odessa), the Shroud had been folded so just the face could be seen (remember, the Shroud shows the whole front and back of a half-naked Jesus), and the myth of how just the head of Jesus appeared on a cloth. When the Shroud was moved to Constantinople, the myth was changed into a story that a woman wiped the sweat from Jesus’ face as he was carrying the cross and that is how the face got on the Shroud. It wasn’t until later that the Shroud was unfolded and the entire body could be seen.

Jesus was not WHITE, nor was he BLACK, JESUS WAS A BROWN JEW.

As the Bible says in 2 Timothy 4:3

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but having itching ears,
they shall heap to themselves teachers in accordance with their own lusts.