Posted: July 19, 2014 - By the HolyPig

   Jars of Clay can no longer be considered a "Christian Band"

In order for a band or singer to rightly claim the title of "Christian" they must first be a Christian and not just a Christian in name only. They must (as all TRUE Christians must), base their lives, soul and world view on the Bible, the Word of God. Whatever the Bible condemns, they must condemn. Whatever the Bible says is true, they must believe to be true. If the Bible says God created the world in 6 - 24 hour days then all TRUE Christians must accept this FACT or prove themselves to be heretics. If the Bible says salvation can only come through Jesus and no one else then to believe any other world view only proves that one does not have the Holy Spirit in their lives and cannot be a True Christian.

The so-called "Christian" band Jars of Clay chose to play at a pagan festival called The WILD GOOSE FESTIVAL. This Spawn of Hell festival was created to promote so-called "Liberal Christianity". In other words, to promote a world view that:

1) Denys that Jesus is the only way to Salvation

2) That Homosexuality is not a sin

3) That Evolution is fact

4) That polygamy is OK

5) That sex with anything and everything is OK

6) That butchering pre-born babies is OK

Now you could say that this band of Sadducees called Jars of Clay didn't know all the facts behind this so-called Liberal Christian sin orgy called The WILD GOOSE FESTIVAL but on April 21, 2014, the lead singer Dan Haseltine tweeted that he fully backed Homosexual Marriage and didn't see a single reason why the Homosexual lifestyle was wrong. Maybe if he read his Bible (something he never did) he would see that God calls Homosexuality a sin in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Jars of Clay has 2 choices here:

1) Kick the Heretic out of their band and remain a Christian Band

2) Keep the Heretic and stop calling themselves a Christian Band

I never really got anything from the bands generic run-of-the-mill music in the past so it is no great loss for me to reject it, but I know the Christian Radio Stations love to play their crap all the time (one reason I choose to listen to my old i-Pod). I would simply ask the Christian Radio Satations and any fellow Christian out their that does listen to their crap, one question. WHAT DOES GOD HAVE TO DO WITH SATAN - CAN ONE SERVE GOD AND SATAN? It is time to clean house and throw out some crappy Pagan CDs.


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