Posted: June 20, 2014 - By the HolyPig

   How I know that the IRS and Lois Lerner are lying through their teeth.

The IRS is now saying that 2 years of e-mails that Lois Lerner sent and received from people like Obama, Harry Reid and the D.N.C. have been lost forever.

Here are the lies they have attempted to slide past the stupid American public:

1)      The first lie they told is that "the e-mails were accidently deleted from Lerner's PC".

2)      The second lie they came up with was "Lerner's computer crashed and the e-mails were lost.

3)      When neither of these lies worked they came up with lie number three, "The server that housed the E-mails crashed".

4)      Now they are saying all the back-up tapes were overwritten and the Hard-drives were destroyed.

The imps in charge of the leftist government think that most Americans are too stupid to know how Computer Networks work so they would believe any lie that they spew. I was a Network Admin for years with companies like Earthlink so I know how PCs and Networks work, I can tell you that all 4 lies are not only impossible but they are so moronic that only a compulsive liar or a moron would come up with something so lame. Let me explain.

The IRS either uses a Window's based Network like Window's NT or they are using a Unix based or IBM based Network. Even is they are outdates enough to use the now dead Novell System it wouldn't matter because they all function the same way to store User Data. Let me explain. Let's say you work for Chicken Plucker Inc. a subsidiary of Chicken Lips International. On your first day of work, you are given a Networked PC. The first thing that happens is that the IT (Information Technologies) Department will create a User I.D. for you on the Network and give you limited permissions to reach certain parts of the Network. When your I.D. is created it also creates a file folder on the network were ALL your User Data such as e-mails, Word Files, personal photos of your cat are stored. When you open your "MY DOCUMENTS" folder, you are not seeing something on your PC but you are actually seeing files stored on the Network Hard Drive. Every night, all of your data as well as everyone else's data is backed up to a tape backup or a digital DVD backup. The only people who can see your personal data are you and the few people much higher up the company food chain and the IT employees. If your data is deleted then either you or one of the higher ups deleted it. If the data was deleted by accident or it was deliberately deleted to cover-up Obama ordering you to attack concretive groups then it could easily be recovered from the backups.

The tape back-ups are the 2nd line of defense in network security. The first line of defense is a system called RAID Hard-Drives. A RAID system is a set of 3 hard-drives that all store 2/3 of the data. If one hard drive dies it can be replaced without shutting down the network and the new drive will automatically sync itself up and download the exact data that was stored on the dead hard drive from the other two drives. So as you can see, it is impossible for a hard drive crash to destroy info on a network if the network is set up right. Even is the six figure salaried Director of the IT Department of the IRS is to stupid to have a RAID system, what would happen is that the network would be shut down, the bad drive would be replace and the tape back up from the night before would be used to reload the new hard drive. The most data that could be lost would be a few hours of data not 2 years worth. Even if the IRS was even more moronic and stored the User Data on a local PC and the hard drive crashed, the important data could still be recovered from the dead drive especially if the drive had important data on it such as that from the director of the IRS.

So you see, anyone who knows how Computer Networks function knows that the IRS, Lerner and Obama are lying through their teeth and this is all just one big lie of the Obama Administration and its liberal imps to cover-up their attacking average U. S. Citizens like every Dictatorship does.

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