Posted: June 08, 2014 - By the HolyPig

   Garden & Yard Update

It has been awhile since I updated the progress on the yard and garden so here are some photos

     The Clematis - This is the 2nd year since I planted the Clematis on the trellis, and this year they took off.

     Other things in the Yard

The Back Fence -  The harsh winter and hungry rabbits did a number on many of the plants but the back fence pulled through. Much of the Lavender plants were hard hit but with a little love and hopefully a not so bad winter, they should be back to thriving. I replaced the infected Roses with a Clematis and a Trumpet Vine. The Forsythia Bush at the far end was chewed down to nubs by the rabbits but it too is making a comeback. Next winter I'll surround it in Chicken wire.

Mr. Bunny - One of the hungry culprits.

The Planting bed on the Southside of the House. All the newly planted (1 month ago) plants are doing great. I can't wait to see them next year when they have their roots established and take off.

The Iris have just popped.

The Iris have just popped.

I just finished re-painting the old Gazebo. I still have the screens to redo and then it will be off to the next task

     The Garden




1/2 of my Sugar Peas and Cucumbers. I got a late start on the Cucumbers because the one cold night killed off the other ones I had started.

One of the Tomato plants.

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